I lived on ‘Benefits Street’ . Now I have hope – thanks to Labour’s fearless plan | Nicky Brennan

As a teenage mum, I quickly learned how poverty and wasted potential can come to seem the natural order of things. Corbyn’s policies could change all that

When I heard Labour’s manifesto, for the first time I felt hope that things could get better for people like me. It isn’t just another dry political document – it felt like it could change people’s lives on a scale not seen before.

As a teenage mum in Birmingham, I was at the mercy of a system rigged against me. After my relationship broke down I was made homeless. When eventually rehoused, I was placed a long way from where I had lived. I lost my support network and had to quit college. With limited access to adult education, there are rarely second chances.

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May 18th, 2017 by