Poldark recap: series three, episode six – enough to make a toad blush

Torsos, toe sex and love declarations by the toad-load. We tune in for carnal love – and this show does not disappoint, truly

One stone. Many birds. No toe left unsucked. And a woman who saved the life of the man she loved by marrying a man she never will – and who has a very greasy face. Could Evil George be any more smug? Never mind snatching souls from the devil, Sam Carne. What will you do about this foul fiend?

What a belter. There was less action and more psychological game-playing than last week, but an excellent episode nonetheless. “It is our duty to find happiness, in great things or small.” Too right, Drake. And yet happiness is fleeting, like a toad hopping into a pond.

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July 16th, 2017 by