Music in schools will soon be extinct – and the government is clueless

Arts Council England has slashed funding for smaller venues. Music should be accessible to everyone – to hear and to play, and keep us sane

• Michele Hanson is a Guardian columnist

An elderly actor once told me she was hanging on to life only because she wanted to be here when Arts Council England (ACE) collapsed. She didn’t make it, but she would have been furious this week because it has been decided not to fund the Music Venue Trust, which supports small live music venues.

Not that ACE doesn’t fund music. It does, but mainly the grander sort – opera and classical music, which get 85% of its money. Lovely that it cares about “high” culture, but perhaps it hasn’t quite understood that music should be for everyone – “high” and “low” – to hear and to play, and keep us sane.

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July 17th, 2017 by