Put a normal woman in a bikini. That’s how to bust the beauty myth | Gaby Hinsliff

Fashion may remain hooked on a skinny ideal, but Alexandra Shulman’s selfie shows she is moving on

Alexandra Shulman has, everyone says, been terribly brave. Daring, even. Some might say heroic, given the circumstances, which are that the outgoing editor of Vogue magazine is all of 59, and was therefore presumably expected to live out her remaining days hidden beneath dust sheets.

Yet instead this week she posted a bikini selfie online, looking – well, like a 59-year-old on holiday generally does, relaxed, cheery and definitely not 25 any more. The response on Instagram to what many saw as a blow against unrealistic, airbrushed images of women was overwhelmingly positive. “Why was this not our September cover?!” gushed a former magazine colleague. Why indeed?

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August 12th, 2017 by