Zimbabwe army denies coup against Mugabe as it takes control of Harare – live

Announcement by military on state broadcaster says President Robert Mugabe and family are safe but army is ‘targeting criminals around him’

5.32am GMT

Jolyon Ford, a Zimbabwean law academic at the Australian National University (ANU) in Canberra, tells the Guardian:

There’s going to be people who say the generals have been wielding power since at least 2008 and now they are just overtly doing it.

I would say that is wrong: they were loyal to the president and he was their protector. So this is a very significant change.

5.27am GMT

In the hours before army spokesman Major General SB Moyo took to the state broadcaster to deliver the message, gunshots and explosions were heard in the streets of Harare. Some were heard close to the presidential residence in the north of the city:

@AFP Close-up map of Harare showing the area where gunshots were heard near the presidential residence in the early hours of November 15.
Military takes to streets in Zimbabwe but denies coup https://t.co/7yQGTSja8u pic.twitter.com/u0h9L0aqqT

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