Brexit will be a success story – but for now, our leaders have lost the plot | John Longworth

The UK will absolutely be better off, with or without a trade deal, provided the government adopts the right policies and embraces economic freedom

• John Longworth is co-chairman of Leave Means Leave, an entrepreneur and a member of the advisory board of Economists for Free Trade. He is a former director general of the British Chambers of Commerce

This week’s debacle in Brussels leads to some very serious questions about the conduct of our exit from the EU.

The article 50 negotiations have been conducted from the very beginning on the wrong premise: the belief that success or failure was determined by whether or not the UK was able to agree a trade arrangement with the EU. By setting that measure, the UK government immediately gave the best hand to the EU, as this outcome was in their gift, not ours.

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December 7th, 2017 by