Minecraft New Update Available to Download Without Any References to the Original Creator

Despite being nearly one decade old, Minecraft is still one of the most popular games in the world. The game is available on all platforms starting with smartphones and ending with PCs. The reason why Minecraft has managed to stand the test of time is because the game gives players the chance to express their creativity by building amazing structures and to learn important things about the world surrounding them.

Minecraft Update

Nonetheless, Microsoft has released a new update for Minecraft and it doesn’t come with any new features or bug fixes. Instead of adding new content to the game, this latest Minecraft update actually removes something quite important.

Microsoft is Getting Rid of Notch

The sole purpose for this latest Minecraft update is to remove everything that ties the game to Notch. For those who are unaware, Notch is the original creator of Minecraft and his full name is Markus Persson. The game is filled with all types of messages referencing him such as “Made by Notch!” or “The Work of Notch!”.

Microsoft purchased Minecraft from Mojang, the company owned by Notch for a whopping $2.5 billion. Therefore, Microsoft can remove anything it wants from the game without having to give answers to anyone.

Silent Update

The interesting thing about the new update that removes any mention of its creator from the game is that Microsoft didn’t want to say anything about it. The tech giant didn’t announce what is the reason why all Notch references are being removed from the game.

However, we believe that Microsoft wants to completely remove the ties between Minecraft and Notch because the game developer has made some highly controversial statements over social media during this past couple of years. Minecraft is a game that targets children and Microsoft wants to make sure that the game is not associated with the controversial statements made by Notch on social media.

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