Monster Legends 7.8.5 APK with New Mutant-Runes is Now Available

There are lots of amazing mobile games available on the Google Play Store and today we are going to cover one of the most popular ones. The game that we are talking about is called Monster Legends just like its name implies, players will need to collect Monster Legends that have special skills which can be used in order to dominate enemies. Nonetheless, the reason why Monster Legends is making headlines today is because the game has just received a brand-new APK update.

Monster Legends 7.8.5 Update

The latest update that was released for Monster Legends sports the 7.8.5 version number and it can be downloaded right now in the form of APK. This means that the update is exclusive to Android powered smartphones that have the “Unknown Sources” option enabled because APK updates are not released via the Google Play Store and interested Monster Legends fans will need to manually download and install them from the game’s official website.

What’s New?

The new 7.8.5 update for Monster Legends is an exciting one because it introduces a bunch of new features that players are going to love. In fact, let’s check out the patch notes for the update so that all players can get an idea of what to expect.

  • Introducing the brand-new Mutant Runes! Mutate your runes to boost two stats at the same time;
  • Now you’ll be able to open Monster Vault slots with the new Vault Keys. Vault Keys will be rewarded to players every time they level up;
  • Lots of high-priority bug fixes.


As we can clearly see in the patch notes, the new 7.8.5 APK for Monster Legends is an important update. The update adds two new game features that are going to help players become more powerful and the Vault Keys are also introducing new content to the game.

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