POCO F1 vs. OnePlus 6 – Who’s The Clear Winner?

Xiaomi and OnePlus are in a never-ending war and their battlefield is the Indian smartphone market. Just like Samsung is targeting Apple with ads that mock iPhones, Xiaomi is trying to attack OnePlus at any chance it gets. The latest attack took place one week ago when Xiaomi’s POCO announced over twitter that its POCO F1 is the number one smartphone in India sitting right above OnePlus 6, but is this really true?

Xiaomi Attacks OnePlus

“POCO Fans! We are proud to announce that, as per @IDC, POCO F1 is the No.1 Smartphone in the online smartphone market of ₹15k and above in Q4 2018. Thank you all for your amazing love and support. RT to spread this amazing news,” said Xiaomi over the official POCO twitter account.

From the looks of it, Xiaomi is referring to the latest Q4 IDC report. This means that the report presents data from the following months: October, November and December. Xiaomi brags about the fact that POCO F1 had a market share of 22.4% while OnePlus 6 had 17.9%. Well, there is a problem here and we are going to explain it below.

The Problem

The problem with Xiaomi’s claims is that the IDC report refers only to Q4. OnePlus discontinues all its “older” smartphones towards the end of the year and OnePlus 6 wasn’t even available for customers to purchase in November. This means that POCO F1 had an advantage of one extra month in comparison with OnePlus 6.

Not just that, but the segment that POCO F1 won is “above RS 15,000” where the smartphone doesn’t have any other big competition to deal with other than OnePlus 6 which wasn’t available for sale in November.

Did POCO F1 Really Beat OnePlus 6?

Our conclusion is that POCO F1 didn’t actually beat OnePlus 6 in terms of sales and market share. POCO F1 benefited from one month where it didn’t have any competition and this is why it holds the title of the number one smartphone in India for Q4.

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