PUBG Mobile Lite 0.10.0 Update with New Game-Balance Changes is Here

Even though Apex Legends and Fortnite might be the most popular Battle Royales games available right now, we shouldn’t forget that PUBG was the one to introduce the Battle Royale mode to the world. PUBG is still a popular game and the developers who are in charge of it are constantly releasing new updates in order to make the game more fun and able to compete against the likes of Apex Legends. While PUBG might be losing the popularity war on consoles and PC, the iOS and Android versions of PUBG are played by millions of players every single day.

As we all know, PUBG is a game that is renowned for its high-quality graphics on all platforms, including mobile. On the downside of things, these impressive graphics also make it difficult for everyone to play the game because not all of us can afford one of Apple or Samsung’s latest flagship smartphones that are equipped with powerful hardware specs. This is where PUBG Lite comes in and saves the day.


PUBG Lite is a lightweight version of the mobile game and it has been developed for the sole purpose of making the game more accessible to everyone. Therefore, PUBG Lite requires lower hardware specs and it offers the same amazing gameplay experience. Nonetheless, the reason why we are talking about PUBG Lite today is because the game has just received a new update. With that said, let’s check out the patch notes for the new update.

PUBG 0.10.0 Update – Patch Notes

  • Appearances of some outfits have been adjusted.
  • Voice chat quality improved and data usage reduced.
  • Main menu effects have been adjusted.
  • Inventory effects have been adjusted.
  • Added dead teammates on minimap.
  • Flight routes have been optimized.
  • Terrain effects have been adjusted.

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