Brawl Stars 17.1.153 Update – New Training Cave, Brawl TV, Game Changes and Much More

Brawl Stars is a new mobile game developed by Supercell and it has achieved the amazing feat of getting more than three million downloads on the Google Play Store alone in only a couple of months. However, we shouldn’t be that surprised that Brawl Stars is so popular because this game is developed by Supercell after all. This is one of the most successful game developers in the mobile game industry with titles such as Clash of Clans and Clash Royale under its “belt”.

One of the reasons why Supercell is such a successful game developer is because all its games benefit from a constant stream of updates and Brawl Stars receives the same treatment. Therefore, today we are going to cover the latest update for Brawl Stars and present fans of the game with everything they need to know about it.

Brawl Stars 17.1.153 Update

The latest update for Brawl Stars sports the 17.1.153 version number and it has arrived today. This is a major update and it introduces lots of new features to the game, including a brand-new Training Cave where players can test out their new Brawlers and skins. In fact, let’s go over the patch notes and see what the new update introduces.

Patch Notes

New Rare Brawler: Rosa – coming soon!

  • Rosa throws a flurry of powerful punches with the perfect technique!
  • Her super is a second skin of tough vine which protects her from damage!

Brawl TV

  • Watch top players competing with each other in real-time!

New Training Cave

  • Try out Brawlers and Skins in a new testing environment.


  • New Languages: Polish and Hebrew;
  • Game Balancing;
  • Much More.


As we can clearly see in the patch notes mentioned above, the new update for Brawl Stars comes with lots of fun new improvements. Therefore, we are advising all Brawl Stars fans to download the new update ASAP.

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