Google Play Music 8.19.7938-1 Update with Bug Fixes is Now Available for Download

The battle of the mobile operating systems is fought between Android and iOS. Even though the battle might be close, Google’s Android is usually the one which comes out on the winning end. The reason behind this is that there are millions of more smartphones which are running on Android than on iOS. What Google’s operating system does best is the fact that it offers all smartphone owners a premium user experience that is paired with powerful apps such as Google Play Music.

Music plays an important role in our lives and some people can’t even go without it for a full day. This is why Google Play Music is a top priority download for all Android users. Google Play Music provides everyone with instant access to millions of songs and curated playlists that they can download and listen whenever they want. To top it all off, Google Play Music provides a family payment plan where six people can use the same account, similar to how Netflix works.

Google Play Music 8.19.7938-1 Update

Taking into account the fact that Google Play Music is such as an important tool in the Android operating system, then it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that Google is making sure to update it every week. In fact, a brand-new update which sports the 8.19.7938-1 version number has just been released for Google Play Music and today we are going to present everything there is to know about it.

Bug Fixes

Google Play Music fans should be pleased to know that the new update focuses on enhancing the already smooth user experience that the app offers. Therefore, the new update introduces a bunch of bug fixes that take care of known issues and improve the overall stability of Google Play Music.

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