NODIS Gamified Platform Boosts Social Network Influencers’ Revenue And Brands’ Promotion

Social network influencers can be beneficial for agencies and brands because they boost their marketing strategies by bringing freshness and maximum audience.

They’re active on social media, and they’ve earned a reputation already, and that’s why people might pay more attention to whatever they are promoting.

The closeness that influencers bring is part of a strong marketing strategy which requires high communication skills. The link between brands, influencers, and customers is vital nowadays, and someone thought about bringing it all closer together: Nodis.

Nodis creates a complete ecosystem

The Nodis platform was created with the main focus of providing an ecosystem in which the community and advertisers come together and generate synergies while empowering participants.

The NEO blockchain backs the environment. Here, influencers are playing an essential role by helping materialize campaigns.

Users will get rewards for creating content and for reviewing the one that has been published by other users. This leads to a decentralized content review and the parties involved are all empowered via rewards.

The Challenge Program

The Challenge Program created by Nodis allows companies to post a challenge on the platform and people can take part in it. After the challenge get submitted for review, users can vote if it fulfills the challenge criteria.

Participants and voters will be rewarded with NODIS tokens which are designed to be redeemed for vouchers of services and products on This means that we have various cases of utility here which is extremely important in the crypto space. New use cases are expected to be generated in the ecosystem via future partnerships and more.

Initial sale of NODIS token

Following the first round of funding, the goal is to acquire enough funds for one year of expenditure to develop the final product. According to the official notes, “With a minimum collection set at $358,140 (soft cap) up to a maximum of $880,000 (hard cap). Each NODIS token has been valued at 0.1105 GAS.”

The necessary capital for the first year of operations is grouped as it follows:

  • Salary of the principal members to work full time
  • Additional recruitment of junior developers and marketers
  • Marketing initiatives, workspace, equipment, legal and other operating expenses

The second round of funding is set to allow Nodis to operate for up to 4 years without needing more capital.

It’s also important to mention that there’s a limited supply of the NODIS tokens: 100 million and from these, 20 million will be available for the initial sale.

Investors can purchase only 20% of the total amount, and the rest will be available in the distribution of issuers and members of the platform.

We recommend that you read the complete details in the whitepaper of this exciting project.

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