Garena Free Fire Update Comes With Bug Fixes And Performance Improvements

Battle Royale is the most popular game style nowadays after it took the reigns of the gaming industry. Gamers who use their smartphones are usually playing PUBG Mobile or Fortnite, games which are in the top having millions of active players per day. But Garena Free Fire is also another very popular Battle Royale game for Android.

While PUBG Mobile and Fortnite are among the most appreciated Battle Royale titles out there, they are not the only alternatives one has when it comes to a Battle Royale game which can be played on a smartphone. Garena Free Fire is a similar game to PUBG Mobile, and even eclipses the latter with some unique features and options.

Unlike PUBG, Garena Free Fire has a total of 50 players who are parachuting on an abandoned island in pursuit of equipment and weapons which will be used against other players. The gamers can choose their starting status as they want, and collect supplies and weapons to expand their lifetime in combats.

Garena Free Fire update brings bug fixes and performance and stability enhancements

Having more than 100 million downloads only on Android devices, Garena Free Fire became an example of success. It is at the top of the most downloaded games on Android in 2018, surpassing the installs of other incredible games such as Clash Royale and PUBG Mobile.

Garena Free Fire has recently received a new updated and, now, the game has a few new features. The game has been receiving a multitude of updates in the recent period of time, which included new features and graphics changes, but the most recent update, Garena Free Fire 1.32.0, didn’t come with any new weapons or visual enhancements in comparison with Free Fire 1.31.0 which came with new content, including a new character and weapons, besides some graphics improvements.

However, Garena Free Fire 1.32.0 comes with tonnes of bug fixes and durability enhancements which are making the game operate more softly.

A few Free Fire players were complaining that the game lags a lot and it crashes while in the middle of the gameplay, and this update has been centralized around solving these issues. The Garena Free Fire update will be released through OTA channels and will be soon accessible on Google Play Store.

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