Google Play Store 14.9.70 Update Introduces High-Priority Software Enhancements

Hands down, the best thing about using an Android powered smartphone is getting access to the Google Play Store. The reason behind this is that the Google Play Store makes it possible for Android fans to download millions of apps and games that are designed specially to make their lives easier. A couple of great examples are AirBnB, Uber and Facebook. Therefore, no one should be shocked to find out that the Android parent is making sure to update the Google Play Store at every chance that it gets.

Constant Software Updates

One of the things that separates Google from all other software companies is the rate at which Google releases updates for its most important apps. The Android parent is renowned throughout the world for always “cooking up” new updates for its native Android apps and the Google Play Store is one of them. Therefore, today we are going to present the most recent update that the app library has received and also go over all the software changes that it makes.

Google Play Store 14.9.70 Update

The latest update for the Google Play Store sports the 14.9.70 version number and the Android parent is rolling it out right now. This is a high priority update and all Android fans should make sure to download it as soon as possible. The reason behind this is that instead of bringing any new features as most updates do, the new 14.9.70 release for the Google Play Store focuses on enhancing the app library’s overall software performances and it does this by introducing bug fixes.

Improved Software Performances

Even though some Android fans might be disappointed to find out that the new update is not bringing any new features, we need to let them know that bug fixes which ensure improved software performances are much more important than new features.

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