Pokemon Masters Announced As The Upcoming Pokemon Game, Along With Other Pokemon Projects

Good news for Pokemon enthusiasts! The company announced that a new Pokemon game entry of the world-wide known franchise will be soon available both on smartphone and on Nintendo Switch. We’re talking about Pokemon Masters, a game that was revealed yesterday.

Pokemon Company announced several new Pokemon projects, including a new game, Pokemon Masters

Detective Pikachu

The Pokemon Company publically announced at a recent Tokyo conference that the sequel that was also the core inspiration for the “Detective Pikachu” recently released in cinemas movie, will be soon available on Switch, but there were no additional details provided.

Pokemon Home

Moreover, Pokemon Home – a cloud-based feature that allows users to share Pokemon between Android, iOS and also Nintendo Switch was also disclosed.

We don’t know much about its price or similar aspects, but the release date is known to be sometime throughout the first trimester of the next year. The cloud-based service will allow players to connect it to their Pokemon Bank subscription service Pokemon Go or Pokemon: Let’s Go as well as the yet to be release Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Pokemon Sleep

A mobile app will also be released. Pokémon Sleep is believed to innovate the app industry, as it will monitor and investigate the players sleep routine and habits, but we don’t know exactly what kind of app it will be yet.

Pokemon GO Plus +

To facilitate this, a new accessory called Pokemon GO Plus + will be soon available and it will work simultaneously with Sleep. Users will be allowed to access it during the day, and place it near their beds through the night to enable them to track their time asleep.

Via Bluetooth, the information collected will be transferred to the user’s smartphone. There was no mentioning of the price of the release date, although.

Pokemon Masters

Last but not least, the company also announced the release of a curious game for mobile devices that will allow users to “battle alongside [their] favorite Pokemon Trainers from the main series RPGs.”, that is called Pokemon Masters. A number of emblematic trainers, such as Red, Misty or Cynthia were identified in a gameplay tease, which also shows that it will feature 3-on-3 Pokemon battles.

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