WhatsApp 2.19.176 Beta Update Introduces High-Priority Security Fix

WhatsApp is hands down the most popular chatting app in the world and there is no doubt about that. If you need any proof of the premium user experience that WhatsApp offers, then you should know that the chatting app is used by almost one billion people every single month. The fact that so many people are relying on WhatsApp when it comes to getting in touch with their friends and family members speaks volumes about the performances of the chatting app.

One of the reasons why WhatsApp manages to stay on top of its competition and to always deliver faster performances and better features is because it is constantly being updated. The developers who are in charge of the chatting app are always coming up with new ways to improve WhatsApp and they have just released a new update

WhatsApp 2.19.176 Beta Update

WhatsApp fans should be pleased to find out that the chatting app has just received a new update. However, this is not a usual update that comes with bug fixes, it’s more important than that! The new update sports the 2.19.176 beta version number and it introduces a major security fix that all WhatsApp users should make sure to download.

Security Fix

Since more than one billion from all over the world are sharing their private information on WhatsApp, then it should come as no surprise that the developers who are in charge of the chatting app want to make sure that there is no possible way for hackers or malicious software to access their private conversations or data and in order to do that, they have just introduced a new security fix. The latest security fix for WhatsApp is known as “SVE-2019-3568” and it takes care of a breach that made it possible for “bad actors” to infiltrate WhatsApp’s database.

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