Minecraft Pocket Edition – Master for Minecraft Mod’s New 2.2.2 Update is Now Available

Have you ever wondered what is the secret behind Minecraft: Pocket Edition’s success? The mobile game has been around for more than seven years and it’s still one of the most popular games to ever launch on Android and iOS. At first, the game was popular because of the fun gameplay mechanics that it offered but now, what is keeping Minecraft: Pocket Edition alive and kicking after so many years? The answer to that question is mods.

There are tens of premium mods that Minecraft: Pocket Edition fans can pick and choose in order to customize their gameplay experience and to make the content feel fresh again. The most popular mod for the mobile game is called Master for Minecraft and it’s a launcher that gives Minecraft: Pocket Edition fans access to a bunch of awesome features that we are going to present after we introduce the latest update for the mod.

Master for Minecraft (Pocket Edition) 2.2.2 Update

If you enjoy playing Minecraft: Pocket Edition and accessing the features that Master for Minecraft has to offer, then you should be pleased to find out that the mod has just been updated. The update sports the 2.2.2 version number and it weighs in at 24.42MB. In addition, the minimum system requirements to install the new update is to have an Android powered smartphone that runs on Android 4.0.3 Ice Cream Sandwich.

Top Features

★Floating Window★
√ Player: Invincible | Fly | Sprint | Add item(all items in the water update)
√ Game: Change Weather | Time | Mode | Show HP | Mini Map
√ Item: (TMI) Too many items | Redstone | Mobs
√ Rapid build: Put Line, Cuboid, Sphere by one click
√ Mob: Creeper | Enderman | Silverfish | Ocelot| Ghast |Turtles | parrots | dolphins | tropical fish

★Import & Download★
Mod | Maps | Textures | Skins | Seeds | Addons
All the interesting maps, cool skins, amazing texture and varied mods can be applied to MINECRAFT POCKET EDITION by simply click download and apply.

★Addon Download & Import★
The newest version supports download and import of addon. Players can now download addon directly from MCPE Master by one click. It is also a convenient addon tool to import addon from your phone’s file.

● MCPE Mods&Addons:
-Mod:Weapon Mods | Gun Mods | Furniture Mods | Portal Mods | Animal Mods | Pet Mods | Dragon Mods | Redstone Mods | Pixelmon Mods
√More than 2000 models of mod free download, compatible with the new version of the game
– Addons:city | Building | Mansions | Furnished houses | Buildings | Statues | Aircraft and helicopters | Spaceships | Naval ships Cars | Means of transport | Medieval castles | Mechanisms
√plug-in library of more than 1,000 works, equipped with a large number of maps, realizing the true story mode

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