*UPDATED* Madden 21 PS4: Release date, pre-order, ratings, ability reveals, cover, trailer, editions, next-gen, latest news & more

EA have given us all kinds of huge info on Madden 21.

We’ve gotten a release date, full gameplay insights, a full ratings reveal, Superstar and X-Factor abilities reveal, and overviews of new and improved game modes.

With that in mind, here’s everything you need to know about the game on PS4.

Latest news – The Yard revealed

Madden 21’s new game mode The Yard has finally gotten a full reveal from EA!

It will likely be one of the most played game modes this year, as it brings an entirely new fast-paced take on football gameplay.

Madden 21 PS4 release date

Madden 21 will arrive for early access 25 August, and will release for everyone 28 August

While we’ve had several looks into the game, we expected to see even more at EA Play on 18 June but were sorely disappointed.

Cover athlete & MVP Edition

The MVP Edition has been confirmed, and will offer three days of early access for those that pre-order it.

rsz lamar jackson madden 20
STAR MAN: You can’t catch Lamar

And who else but the reigning NFL MVP, Lamar Jackson, would hold down the cover spot?

Madden 21 PS4 cost

That’s right, pre-orders are officially available now for Madden 21!

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The price of the Standard Edition of Madden 21 is $59.99, and the price of the MVP Edition is $79.99.

Madden 21 on PS5

The PS5 reveal event may not have featured Madden 21, but plenty has come out since.

PS5 Digital
NEW LOOK: On top of changing the way video games look on console, Sony has changed up the look for PS5

Buying Madden 21 on PS4 means you will get a free upgrade to PS5. This program is being labeled “Dual Entitlement” by EA and accounts for FIFA 21 players too.

Still, there is some reasonable hesitancy among the PlayStation community about buying the game immediately on PS4 or waiting for the PS5.


EA premiered the Madden 21 official reveal trailer on 16 June, and while some fans were underwhelmed with what was shown, the followup post going into the development process and new changes has led to plenty of hype.

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Full X-Factor and Superstar Abilities Reveal

EA transitioned from ratings reveals to X-Factor reveals in the last two weeks, and eventually released a full list of Superstar and X-Factor abilities coming in Madden 21.

madden 21 x factors
HEROICS ON THE FIELD: X-Factors allow players to do great things

You can read over the Gridiron notes on the topic here.

Face of the Franchise

Thanks to the power of consoles like the PS4, we’ve seen some huge leaps in both graphics and gameplay. It appears that almost yearly, we’re seeing more depth than ever before.

With Franchise mode, and the “Rise to Fame” subheading, you start with your character in High School before progressing through College and into the NFL.

We won’t spoil any surprises here, but it’s safe to say it’s looking like one of the most in-depth modes to date.

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