*UPDATED* NHL 21: Delays, Trailer, Cover Star REVEALED, Release Date, Price, Editions, Pre-order, Early Access, Next-gen, Franchise, HUT RUSH, World of Chel & more

We’ve gotten a new roadmap for NHL 21 reveals from EA, but it is now facing delays due to current events.

Here’s everything you should know about the game.

Latest news – Reveals delayed

EA released a roadmap for upcoming reveals for NHL 21, but due to social concerns, the company has delayed these reveals.

NHL 21 delays
INDEFINITE: The NHL 21 delays have no timeline just yet

There are no specifics so far on how far delays will go, and whether this could eventually affect the game’s release date.

But for now, we know the World of Chel news scheduled for 27 August has been indefinitely pushed back.

Reveal schedule announced

EA has given us a timetable for reveals around NHL 21!

nhl 21 update schedule
MARK YOUR CALENDARS: EA’s plan should keep us well-informed!

The first reveal is right away! This could be at Gamescom which is also on 27 August, so keep your eyes on that show.

You can see the full schedule for Gamescom here.

Release date

NHL 21 will be released on Friday, 16 October, with the Deluxe and Great Eight Editions offering 3 days of early access.

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You can also expect an EA Play trial just like Madden 21. It’s likely to start around 9 October, but that is a rough estimate at the moment.

Cover star

For the second time in his illustrious career, Alexander Ovechkin will be the cover star for an NHL game.

A lot has changed for Ovi since he was last on the cover for NHL 07, including finally bringing a Stanley Cup to Washington.

Price & editions

NHL 21 is listed with a price of $59.99, however, that is just for the Standard Edition.

The next edition available is the Deluxe Edition, listed at $79.99.

NHL 21 Great Eight Edition
LEGENDS: The Great Eight Edition honors hockey legends and offers big rewards

The third and final edition is the Great Eight Edition, listed at $99.99.

All of the editions come with some pre-order bonuses.


The announcement trailer features very little gameplay. However it does get the blood pumping for the new game!


No Next-Gen Version

NHL 21 will be the first of EA’s major sports titles not to be designed for next-gen consoles, as revealed in the latest development update.

ALL IN ON CURRENT-GEN: EA’s focus is on playability this year

In the update it’s explained that this is to free up the team to add plenty of new gameplay features to the game for release on Xbox One and PS4.

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NHL 21 will still be playable on next-gen consoles thanks to forward-compatibility, but it will not be receiving PS5 and Xbox Series X releases with next-gen exclusive features. This should emphasize the game’s quality on initial release for current-gen consoles.

New Gameplay Features

This year the team is more focused than ever to deliver new gameplay features after announcing the game won’t have a next-gen edition or exclusive next-gen features.

LEVELING UP: What new features we will see in NHL 20?

EA claims that gameplay in NHL 21 will be smarter, faster, and better than ever.

Innovative moves will create massive improvements on both sides of the puck. EA promises real-life inspired moves as well as banks, slips, and chips that will take gameplay to the next level.

World of Chel

The World of Chel game mode is one of the more unique in the NHL series, and allows players to build up their very own created characters.

GROWTH: Build up your created character in World of Chel to dominate the ice in more personal games

World of Chel has plenty of different ways to play, most involving small team games like 3v3 – which helps separate gameplay from the other modes.

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A new Ranked Seasons will allow players to compete across new modes – ones, threes, drop-in or Clubs – to earn rewards and play in the new EASHL Club Finals.

Be a Pro Mode

NHL 21 promises a fresh feel to Be A Pro mode.

OVERHAUL PENDING?: NHL 20’s Be a Pro mode needs an improvement

EA’s latest press release says: “The brand new Be A Pro experience enhances the game’s narrative and quality of life, giving players the chance to live the life of an NHL star, both on and off the ice.

Impress the front office, go early on draft day, and chase greatness as players earn a spot on the first line, compete for the Stanley Cup, and become the league’s next best.  Players can work their way from a chippy bottom six forward to a must-see superstar.”

Fans have been begging EA to adjust the mode similar to what 2K Games has done with the NBA franchise. It sounds like they are taking steps toward that end.

Franchise Mode

Franchise mode received the biggest overhaul during NHL 20; EA implemented coaches, dynamic line chemistry, in-depth scouting reports, and conversations between you and the players.

This year the Trade Deadline is coming to Franchise Mode, and there are sure to be other expansions too.


One of the areas EA is looking to update in NHL 21 is HUT, offering a new take on the Ultimate Team game mode with HUT RUSH.

HUT Rush will cut significantly into matchmaking time, and offer rewards and upgrades through creative play which is sure to create some jaw-dropping moments!


Like any sports game, ratings are one of the core components for each year’s iteration. NHL 21 should offer some upgrades and downgrades to numerous players going into the new game.

Here’s our predictions for the top five players for NHL 21.

  • Connor McDavid
  • Sidney Crosby
  • Alex Ovechkin
  • Nathan Mackinnon
  • Nikita Kucherov

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No official news on the demo/beta yet for NHL 21.

With the game now confirmed, maybe we could see one in September.

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