PES 2021 Season Update Review: Master League is the pinnacle of console Career Modes

The wait for PES 2021 Season Update is finally over!

We managed to play the game early thanks to Konami, so here is what we think of their new game.

PES 2021 Trailer

First Impressions


As a football fan, the gameplay is thoroughly enjoyable.

PES2021 Mat BAR FCBM 2532585f16d2e2ddc787 01029278 min 1
DOMINATE! The battle for possession is crucial

More care must be taken over passing and finishing, otherwise you will lose possession of the ball very quickly!

Once you get to grips with the tempo of the match, it is there for you to dominate.

Game Modes

We have only been able to play offline game modes so far, but there are still plenty of positives!

Kick Off

If you just want to jump in and play, kick-off offers plenty of choice to do so!

You don’t just have to play matches either. the training option allows you to hone your skills in a pressure-free environment.

Another bonus of PES 2021 is Euro 2020! The tournament has been postponed, but the fully licensed teams can certainly quench your thirst for international football.

Master League

The star of the game so far. For FIFA Career Mode fans, Master league is certainly worth a thought!

Straight away you are immersed into the game mode with relevant cut-scenes that really add to your story.

PES2021 JUV IconicMoment RONALDO SS min
SHAKE HANDS! It is quite exciting watching your manager meet their new squad

From meeting your new players, setting objectives with the board, and showing your latest signings off to the press, Konami have done an impressive job.

The game itself includes the capability to set the training for your first team and youth team alike, making sure you assemble your squad your way!

The level of detail and control over your own career is excellent too, with almost every aspect of the game customisable to your own preferences.

Become a Legend

‘Lock to Player’ game modes have always been tricky on football games, but Become a Legend is one of the better attempts.

Although not as immersive as Master League, Become a Legend is still a decent game mode in its own right.

PES2021 MUFC IconicMoment BECKHAM SS min 1
BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM! Can you become a legend just like the former England captain

Starting off as a young prodigy, you must earn your way into the first team.

However, Konami could look at NBA 2K to see how player career game modes should be executed!

A ‘skip to next involvement’ feature should be added. No one wants to sit through a 0-0 even if it is on fast-forward.


Track all your online data with the statistics tab.

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All your online stats will be available for those of you who love to analyse and crunch numbers.


If the licenses are an issue for you, fear not!

A common misconception is that all the players have fake names, but this is not the case.

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The team names may not be accurate though, but this is easily fixed with the option files!


With Konami focusing on the Next Gen consoles, it comes as no surprise that PES 2021 is not that different to PES 2020.

PES 2021 is still a good game though, especially for those of you who enjoy the offline game modes.

Master League is excellent. The detail and length of the cut-scenes keep them fresh and exciting while giving it a personalised feel to your career.

STAR OF THE SHOW! Once again you can choose Diego Maradonna to be your manager, with Frank Lampard and Pep Guardiola new options this year

In terms of gameplay, PES 2021 feels more strategic, taking longer to work teams out and then trying to find that killer pass.

With Next Gen consoles arriving soon, this could be the ideal time to test out PES 2021 if you haven’t already as the gap between it and FIFA is closer than ever.

Konami has made great strides in the past couple of years and we can’t wait to see what they produce next year!

RealSport Rating: 4 stars (out of 5)

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