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Top 5 F-Droid Alternatives Available to Download and Install

F-Droid is that app store for the Android devices from where they can get tons of apps. Besides those who are free, it also offers apps that are open source….

Minecraft: Pocket Edition Tips & Tricks – How to Become a Pro

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is one of the most amazing mobile games and there is no doubt about that. Even though Minecraft: Pocket Edition launched back in 2012, the mobile game…

Minecraft: Pocket Edition – MC Skin Editor Gets a New 2.2.29 Update

The secret behind Minecraft: Pocket Edition’s longevity is the fact that the players are allowed to do whatever they want. If you enjoy fighting monsters and coming up with clever…

fix corrupted google play store

How to Fix Corrupted Google Play Store

Today, we bring you an exclusive guide on how to fix corrupted Google Play Store. A typical Android user must have encountered one form of error or another on Google…

reset google play store

How to Reset Google Play Store

One of the most common troubleshooting methods in fixing Play Store errors is app reset. And this tutorial will show you a concise guide on how to run this procedure….

Three Ways to Download YouTube Videos on Your Android Device

Now that YouTube has launched its paid premium version, and offering the users new content for entertainment, the TV will most likely fall. Compared to the TV media, on Youtube,…