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Minecraft Earth Vs. Pokemon Go Vs. Harry Potter: Wizard’s Unite – Which Is The Best AR Game?

The technology nowadays takes a lot of forms, and it became limitless in the world of Augmented Reality (AR). AR technologies help course plans become more interactive day by day….

google play store error 944

2 Simple Ways to fix Google Play Store Error 944

Google Play Store Error 944 is one of the common Play Store issues encountered by thousands of Android users across the globe. Whenever this error occurs, app download gets halted…

pokemon go freezing problem

How to Fix Pokemon Go Freezing Problem On Android

Pokemon Go has gotten lots of likes in the game community. This game is one of the most profitable games as well as most used mobile app in 2016. Pokemon…

connection problems clash of clans

How to Fix Connection Problems in Clash of Clans on your mobile device

In this post, we will show you how to fix connection problems in Clash of Clans (CoC). Clash of Clans is a freemium game by SuperCell, with millions of gamers…

gmail not syncing android

Gmail not Syncing on Android Problem [Quick & Easy Solutions]

Do you experience the Gmail not syncing problem on your Android device? In this post, we will reveal quick solutions for you. Gmail has served as one of the best…

iPad Pro 2019 News About Prices and Device’s Specs

As iPad Pro Pro is exceptionally future-proofed and expensive as well, Apple fans do not really update their iPads as often as they change their iPhones. However, Apple can’t release…