England v South Africa: second Test, day four – live!

12.40pm BST

23rd over: England 68-3 (Cook 42, Bairstow 6) Root is now inside the dressing room and looking glum; on the bright side, perhaps Cook is playing his way into Test form, and as non-captain. Tangentially, where do we stand on the name Faf? Does it accord pleasing notoriety, or the further nickname Bum? Maiden.

12.35pm BST

22nd over: England 68-3 (Cook 42, Bairstow 6) When at the cricket, is it acceptable to drink fizz out of a pint glass? Asking for a friend, though at Lord’s last summer the kid in front cut out the middle man and just used the bottle. Maharaj is on and the ball is spinning, but without many close catchers; his final delivery pitches middle and leg, then pitches right across Bairstow! Dearie me!

“I prefer Rashid to Dawson too, but do find it telling that Root, who knows him well, would rather do without, emails Mark Gillespie, quoting me back to myself.

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