Titan Revenge: A New Era in Browser MMORPGs

Unveiling Titan Revenge: A Norse Mythology Adventure

Get ready for an epic adventure with Game Hollywood Games’ latest creation, Titan Revenge. This browser MMORPG, already a hit in its Chinese version, is set to captivate English-speaking audiences this December. With its ‘very good’ rating on Steam, it’s poised to make a thunderous impact, much like the Norse gods it features.

A Legacy of Success

Game Hollywood isn’t new to the world of successful MMORPGs. Their previous hit, League of Angels – Heaven’s Fury, set a high bar. Titan Revenge, with its 3D gameplay, takes this legacy forward while carving out its own unique identity. Its standout features? A rich Norse setting, stunning graphics, a celestial narrative, and adrenaline-pumping combat.

The World of Titan Revenge

The Mythological Backdrop

In the realm of Norse legends, Ymir, the first giant, reigns supreme. His fall sparks a war between gods and giants. Amidst this chaos, Odin, the All-Father, hatches a plan to create and control humanity, tipping the scales in this ancient feud. But a prophecy of Ragnarök – the end of all life – looms, changing everything.

The Storyline

The game unfolds in the aftermath of these events. Odin, manipulating both humans and giants, faces a new challenge when Hela, the underworld’s queen, vanishes. Players step into the shoes of a giant-god hybrid, a general, and Odin’s daughter. Her mission? To unite powers and shape the future of gods and humans.

Gameplay Highlights

A Visual and Combat Feast

Titan Revenge promises a 3D hack-and-slash experience that blends beauty with might. Players will engage in fierce battles against colossal world bosses, delve into dungeons for loot, and customize their characters for varied combat styles. The game’s visuals are a blend of expert rendering and a casual, colorful aesthetic.

Strategic Choices

In a world where gods fall, strategy is key. Players will navigate alliances, choose factions, and make decisions impacting the Nine Realms’ fate. Your choices will shape the world’s destiny.

More to Come

Game Hollywood will reveal more gameplay details as the launch approaches. For now, players can anticipate a game that combines casual play with intense combat, set in a beautifully rendered Norse world.

About Game Hollywood

Based in Hong Kong, Game Hollywood specializes in bringing popular regional games to a global audience. Their portfolio includes hits like League of Angels, Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming, and Eternal Fury. Many of their games are accessible directly on their website.

Background Story

After Ymir’s fall, the gods, seeking more power, manipulate humans to gain faith. Odin’s vision of a prophecy sets him on a path to eliminate the giants. The protagonist, a hybrid of divine and giant lineage, rises as a general, joining forces with a Valkyrie to protect humanity.

Gameplay Features

  • Customization: Hundreds of skins and customization options.
  • Fair Drop Rates: Balanced equipment and skin drop rates in battles and events.
  • Recycling System: Reuse equipment for in-game benefits.
  • Transformation Abilities: Become an Angel or Titan for enhanced skills.
  • Social Interaction: Marry, team up, and assist other players.
  • Diverse Gameplay: Choose your class and engage in various battle modes.

Connect and Explore

Prepare to immerse yourself in a world where your choices shape the fate of gods and humans. Titan Revenge awaits your command!

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