PUBG 4.2 Update Is Live With Many Novelties

The PUBG developers team recently released a new update to the game, and it seems that it’s going to be the biggest one yet. PUBG 4.2 update is now available for Xbox and PS4 players worldwide, bringing several bug fixes and improvements to the game.

Some of the most interesting patch notes suggest the inclusion of dynamic weather on Erangel, improved visuals reduced wind noise on Vikendi and many more. Even more, the latest PUBG version offers a new survivor pass.

The PUBG team announced in a blog post: “PUBG 4.2 brings consoles closer than ever with our PC counterpart, with all new content including the Erangel Visual Update, extensive weapon & vehicle rebalancing, various bug fixes, and more.”

PUBG 4.2 Update Is Live With Improvements And Bug Fixes

In the visual department, the update brings enhancements for Erangel, including tweaks to military base, Mylta Power, Quarry, Mansion, and Prison. Even more, players can now enjoy destructible pylons and barricades. They are a good cover method, but they can be damaged by vehicles, weapons, and explosions.

The newly-added pass, Survivor Pass 4: Aftermath brings a new system for co-op missions and improved XP rewards. When it comes to gameplay changes, players can now explore several weapons, items, and vehicles.

The PUBG blog also wrote: “In the process of reducing the update gap between PC and console, the pass duration has been shortened to 8 weeks instead of 12 weeks. To compensate for the reduced pass time, we have increased the amount of XP gained from gameplay and missions by 50%. The mission change system has also been improved, allowing players to use BP to swap out more missions than before.” In addition, PUBG 4.2 update brings a handful of much-awaited bug fixes.

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