Australia v India: Women's World Cup semi-final – live!

11.42am BST

In lieu of any cricket, allow me to be a bit self-indulgent.

Now, one of the very few downsides of this job is the Saturdays. Or lack of. It means my club cricket career has died on its backside. Just as I was learning to love. Anyway, it now means I live vicariously through my club’s Facebook page and WhatsApp group. I also find myself falling down YouTube wormholes of club cricketers netting and the odd side-on camera of some 70mph chancer gunning for a Northants gig. Then I came across Isfield Cricket Club. I want to say it’s their 3rd XI based on the chat. Basically, their keeper straps on a GoPro and puts the best bits online. Do as I do and get sucked in:

11.10am BST

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Raf Nicholson’s work, I’d suggest following her on Twitter, especially if you want to brush up on all things women’s cricket. We call her the Oracle. She’s also an accomplished basoonist.

As well as writing for a range of outlets, she runs CRICKETher, a one-stop shop for her output. In this piece, she quantifies just how big a deal a sold-out Lord’s is for the Women’s World Cup final.

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