Australian Spring Snow Causes Havoc

Storms have caused delays and power outages in Australia over the past few days. The early spring storms have dropped over six inches of snow in the Blue Mountains region leaving hundreds without power.

Snowfall combined with down trees and heavy winds have restricted travel for several hours along both rail lines and surface roads. Around 300 cars and trucks were stranded due to the heavy snow and wind. State Emergency Services provided assistance by transporting stranded drivers to safety.

Portions of the NSW coast received nearly one foot of rain with 25 foot waves. The storms have also affected Sydney where the ferry line has temporarily suspended service due to large waves and wind.

The unusual spring storms were widespread. In Victoria a group of teachers and students were stranded when the snow storms moved into the area. Five suffered hypothermia and were transported out on Friday.

Cameron Potvin

Cameron Potvin is a seasoned journalist with nearly 6 years experience. While studying journalism at the New Mexico State University, Cameron found a passion for finding engaging stories. As a contributor to News Lair, Cameron mostly covers state and national developments.

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