26 killed when truck explodes

A truck exploded in China today, February 1, killing 26 people and injuring numerous others. The accident took place near Sanmenxia, Mianchi County, in the Henan province, reports say. The location is around 55 miles west of the ancient city of Luoyang.

The truck that was carrying fireworks exploded in the city, causing the collapse of a large portion of the road. The portion that collapsed totaled 262 feet. When the road collapsed, cars took a 98 foot plunge off the bridge.

The tractor trailer was reportedly carrying fireworks for the upcoming Lunar New Year celebrations. Lunar New Year causes a big increase in demand for fireworks, leading some to believe that this truck was trying to deliver fireworks more quickly, rather than as safely as possible.

A photograph of the scene quickly made its rounds online. It shows the roadway abruptly stopping, with a truck stopped at the end of the gap in the road.

Theo Smith

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