Seven Robbers Shot Dead

Seven would-be robbers were shot dead by South African police and another nine were wounded after attempting to rob a cash depot located in Johannesburg. The group was trying to rob the establishment, owned by Protea Coin.

Police Captain Paul Ramaloko told the media that he believed the group’s ringleader was among the dead.

“We are convinced that we got all the robbers – dead or arrested,” Ramaloko said.

The South African Police Service received an anonymous tip that the group of thieves were plotting to rob the armored car service. The robbers began to exchange gunfire with police officers that arrived on the scene.

One officer was injured and transported to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Police officers confiscated a small cache of vehicles and weapons at the scene.

Crime has been a major problem for South Africa for many years. National unemployment rates of nearly 40 percent. Theft and violent crimes are a regular occurrence as police authorities devise new ways to deter the country’s criminal activity.

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