Uber driver accused of kidnapping

A driver registered on the Uber platform in California is accused of “kidnapping” for refusing to let down several passengers he had taken on board during the Halloween party.

Khaled Ali, 35, pleaded Monday “not guilty” in court, while his lawyer said he should be considered criminally irresponsible because of his mental state.

The driver was arrested last week after a chase with the police near Los Angeles. Several people had called for help, claiming that their driver Uber had taken them in the wrong direction after taking care of them and refused to let them out.

All the alleged victims finally managed to get off, sometimes forced to jump from the vehicle on the move.

Placed in detention, Khaled Ali faces more than 23 years in prison if he is sentenced.

The Uber platform reported that it had removed the driver from its users and cooperated with the investigators.

Cameron Potvin

Cameron Potvin is a seasoned journalist with nearly 6 years experience. While studying journalism at the New Mexico State University, Cameron found a passion for finding engaging stories. As a contributor to News Lair, Cameron mostly covers state and national developments.

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