Who Is The Trapper And Where Can You Meet Him In Red Dead Redemption 2?

For those who have been spending the past weeks playing Red Dead Redemption 2, the Trapper is already a familiar name. You might hear of him, but no one offers you more details about who they are and how you can locate them. Today we are going to solve the mystery for you. However, you should know that even if you do not like spoilers, you’ll still locate the Trapper on your own at some point.

Who is the Trapper?

His name pretty much gives him away. You can get some hunting supplies from the Trapper and you can also make him craft you new items. The trapper deals in wild animal pelts, so you can pay him a visit. He is also able to offer you items that will help you with certain challenges.

When do you first meet the Trapper?

If you are waiting for your first encounter with the Trapper, you should know that it will take place once you get through Saint Denis. You can find that location if you explore on your own, or if you let the story develop. You should know that it is good to wait before you meet him. In fact, you will find him more often once you progress into the game.

The location

Trapper’s icon is a paw, so you should look for that on the map if you want to find him. As we mentioned before, the first place where you will spot the Trapper is Saint Denis, a city which can be found in the Lemoyne region, which is next to the western bank of the Lannaheche River. There are other locations for the trapper as well. For example, you can find him in New Hanover, which is close to Annesburg.

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