GTA 5’s Best Visual Overhaul Mod is Available to Download

Natural Vision Remastered is the latest update for one of GTA 5’s most successful and popular overhaul mod. In fact, a lot of gamers like these mods and developers know that. Every new version makes the virtual world even more realistic, but the most recent release features outstanding improvements.

Natural Vision Remastered was launched on October 24th. It was developed by Jamal Rashid and it can be downloaded from GTA 5 Mods official webpage. In case you need more information, this is the place to find it.

The new mod comes with more realistic features for the Cloudy weather

Jamal Rashid, the man who spent thousands of hours working on the GTA 5 new mod, says that he wanted to overhaul the Cloudy Weather. Now, thanks to his effort, gamers who play GTA 5 on their computers will have every reason to be happy, while those who use a console will have to wait a little more.

What are the additions after the overhaul? Well, Rashid, also known as Razed, says that now, gamers can enjoy features like:

  • The clouds’ texture is edited and this gives the edges a softer look;
  • The cloud lighting and colours can be edited from an universal file across both regions – City and Countryside;
  • More improved weather conditions;
  • A host of bugs was fixed;
  • Thanks to Rashid’s work, gamers can edit a more important part of their territory.

The developer also mentioned that he wanted to bring GTA 5’s scenario closer to the visual style promoted by Red Dead Redemption 2. After this amazing achievement, Jamal Rashid is looking for new challenges. On the other hand, GTA 5 players have to enjoy his work and check the latest update for the most popular visual mod – Natural Vision Remastered.

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