Red Dead Redemption 2: What Was That Creepy Thing We Just Saw

When you play Red Dead Redemption 2, it’s like you’re suddenly living in the Old West. But, as Rockstar taught us, when you look in certain places, and the right moment, you might find things that are weird, even paranormal. We’ve seen Bigfoot in the first Red Dead Redemption’s game, UFOs in GTA V and even zombies. Red Dead Redemption 2  has weird things, too.

UFOs and Aliens

The first things we’ve seen were the UFOs, in a small cabin in the woods. We did not believe it at first, but then we’ve seen the video evidence. Inside that cabin, you’ll find skeletons and a note for galaxy- and time-traveling visitors. Many people thought that those who left the note were part of some kind of cult that worshipped UFOs.

There’s also a second UFO, on the top of a mountain, in a different part of the map. It also has a different shape and color.

There are also aliens in the game – in some areas of the map there are some weird drawings with strange symbols. If you’re curious to get there, there’s a map that leads towards the mountain, but we’re still not sure what’s with that map.

A strange man and creepy cabin

We all remember The Strange Man, the character from the quest lines. He is an older man who has a suit and a top hat. He’s the one who gives the main character different missions in order to test his morality. Apparently, he’s immortal. Player believes he’s either Satan or God.

In the second game of the series, he’s actually harder to find. In the cabin, players first found an unfinished painting and some messages on the walls. When you visit the cabin, you’ll see that the painting gets changed and eventually it’s finished, as you progress in the game. The painting is actually a portrait of the Strange Man. The cabin might be connected to a strange figure, and it’s understandable since there are some seriously creepy things inside. If you look in the mirror, you can see the Strange Man staring at you from behind. But when you turn around, he’s not there.

Ghosts and vampires

In the game, players also found a ghost that haunts the area – the ghost of Agnes Dowd, a woman who was once a wealthy socialite. You’ll find her in the swaps of Lemoyne – 16 times to be precise. You’ll see her or hear her – never both. There’s also a ghostly train that only appears at night.

The next spooky thing is found in the Blackwater – a man drinking the blood of the person he has just killed. Its name is Vampire. If you encounter it, it will attack you. He can be killed with bullets for sure. However, he’s so strong he can kill you in one hit. If you kill it, it will drop bat wings.

Time traveler

That character that you meet during the side mission might actually be a time traveler, whose name is Francis Sinclair. At first, he’s acting strange, using words you do not get at first. He tries to tell he’s lost. When you find all the carvings, you’ll meet a woman with a baby. That baby’s name is Francis, and his father died over a year ago. The baby has the same birthmark Sinclair has. The birthmark is supposed to be a sign of a person that’s a descendant of Kaff, who’s a very important figure from the fake religion, from a cult called Epsilon. So players have asked themselves if this man – Sinclair – is the founder of Epsilon.

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