Clash of Clans: Why Is It so Popular?

Many people still play this game ever since it first made its appearance on the market. But the real questions is why did people leave the game behind?

When do people stop playing?

Usually, people decide not to play anymore after the th9, because the cost of the upgrade is too high, and you cannot loot as much as you’d want, because the training time of the army is also high, and the cost of the army is – guess what – too high. However, they reduced the cost or the army and the army training time, so you can now attack more. And more attack means more loot. So if you have more loot, and the upgrade time and costs are decreased, it means that your progress will be so much faster.

With time, they also added trader, events and clan games, which is a good thing. All the magical items are introduced to help you make the progress much faster, which can come in handy when it comes to completing the clan games, either through events or trades.

They have also added builder bases, where you can find mines that can produce gems. And – as you already know – you can use gems to upgrade your things faster.

Clan war leagues are the real deal. They’re like a tournament, where groups get created and the clan that gets more stars will win the tournament. Rewards – again – will help you upgrade things faster. They also improved war matching algorithms, so we cannot talk about rush bases in war anymore.

However, there are not so many things that can add to the user experience – it’s true, the team behind had taken into account all the requests from the fans.

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