Hacker Takes Over Drake’s Fortnite Account During Charitable Live-Stream

Drake won’t be playing Fortnite too soon. During the Thanksgiving weekend, a hacker managed to take over Drake’s account, joining the live-stream charity of pro streamer Ninja. The user then began using racial slurs and other obscenities.

Drake’s Epic Games account is Duddus647. We already knew that the username of Drake’s PlayStation is TheBoyDuddus. Ninja was the one who recognized Drake’s account after he received an invite from it. “I’m not sure if Drake meant to invite me,” Ninja explained before beginning the game.

Rude behavior

During the game the user finally made himself heard, and he repeatedly used the n-word. At this point, Ninja realized that the person using that account is not the rapper. He noted “that’s not Drake,” before logging off.

“I’ll be sending [Drake] a message and letting him know, that his account was hacked. I’m going to report that guy to Epic, and hopefully, they can do something pretty serious about that,” explained Ninja.

Hopefully, Drake will manage to recover his account and the hacker will get the punishment he deserves. Ninja noticed that the account had very high ping, which was a sign that the user was from someplace in Europe. Another thing that appeared suspicious right from the start was the fact that the user was playing on PC, while Drake is a PlayStation user.

The charity

Ninja was live streaming for the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund. This fund “was established to support global conservation efforts for critically endangered species.” The goal of this project is to protect the wild gorillas in Rwanda. The pro streamer Ninja managed to raise $52,000 in just 9 hours. Those who want to contribute to the Ellen DeGeneres Wildlife Fund can do it on the official website with a donation.

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