Pokemon GO Community Days December Update Available with New Features

Pokemon GO Community Days is Niantic’s way of ending a full year. This means that participants should expect to see a multi-day event loaded with special offers and dazzling rewards. The event will happen from November 30th to December 3rd between 2 to 5 PM. This daily window is the perfect opportunity for getting special double catch XPs, egg bonuses and amazing double catch Stardust.

Community Days will gather all the Pokemons released this year

Apart from the special offers, the Community Days starting at the end of December will welcome all the Pokemons which appeared this year. In case you forgot about them, let’s mention all the guests and the month when they joined the league.

January was dedicated to Pikachu, Dratini appeared in February, March was Bulbasaur’s month and Mareep appeared in April. Moving further towards the beginning of summer 2018, we met Charmander in May, Larivitar in June, Squirtle in July and Eevee in August. The autumn bought Chikorita in September, Beldum in October and Cyndaquil in November.

According to the Pokemon Go community, there are several PROs and CONs when it comes to their event. The main controversy around this occasion is that it will be a chaotic event and people will hurry to grab what they can, regardless of their necessity.

The main advantage brought by the December Community Days is that fans can catch several Pokemons they might have missed during similar events. This is a good thing because an opportunity like that might not return.

On the other hand, the main purpose of Community Days is to collect characters which can help the player evolve. If you try to catch them while 10 other people are chasing them, you might be disappointed. Either way, Pokemon Go fans really need to be a part of this emerging event, so they’d better mark the December Community Days period in their calendar.

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