The Next Legend of Zelda Game Might Make An Early Appearance

The Legend of Zelda franchise is one of the most popular ones in the video game industry. Players are anxiously waiting for the next game, and we have some good news for them. It appears that the next Legend of Zelda game might be out sooner than we believed.

The information comes from Imran Khan, senior editor. During the Game Informer Show he teased the players. According to him, we won’t have to wait for too long for the game. It all started when Ben Hanson, video producer mentioned that we might see a co-op Zelda game similar to the style of Tri Force Heroes. This is when Khan offered an interesting response:

“I’m just thinking what I should say about that. The next Zelda game will probably be sooner than we think. I’ll talk to you off-camera about stuff.”

Upcoming game?

Judging by Khan’s response, there is something going on for sure. And if we take into account the speculations mentioned during the episode, there is a big chance that the upcoming Zelda game won’t be too different from the co-op Tri Force Heroes game. However, Khan was also asked if the next game co-op game from the Tri Force Heroes team. His reply to that was: “not exactly”.

Therefore, we can guess that the next game might come from the Tri Force Heroes, or it might be a co-op game similar to the 3DS ones. This is the first information we have related to the next Legend of Zelda game. In order to find out more, we will have to wait and see whether there will be other leaks in the future. It is very likely that the information shared by Khan is true, but changes happen all the time, so the final product might be different.

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