82-year-old YouTuber Might Become Skyrim Character (Per Fan Request)

Shirley Curry is an 82 years old YouTuber who has conquered the heart of Skyrim fans. She records herself playing Skyrim and her videos are heartwarming, to say the least. One of the things that won our hearts is the fact that she calls her subscribers her “grandkids”.

Her pleasant personality soon made her well known amongst Skyrim fans. However, one of her comments led to an online campaign. As you already know, the last Skyrim game was released seven years ago, and according to the information we have so far, there are a couple more years to wait. This might be a minor inconvenience for us, but for Shirley Curry could mean that she won’t have a chance to play the game. “I guess that puts the nail in my coffin. When Skyrim 6 comes out I’ll be 88! So I probably won’t get to play it,” she wrote in one of her comments.

An online campaign

Her comment received the attention of Skyrim fans. Reddit user phantom-scribbler was the one who came with the idea of making Curry a TES6 follower:

“How cool would it be to come across an elderly Breton who wants to kick some ass and asks to come along with you. She takes up [her sword] and puts on some armour, says, “come on, grandson/daughter!” and you’re off to tackle whoever gets in your way. Who wouldn’t want her as a follower?”

This wouldn’t be the first time Bethesda does something like that. Erik West, an Oblivion fan became Erik the Slayer in Skyrim, after he passed away from cancer in May 2011. Fans hope that the developers can do something similar for Curry.

The Reddit post got more than 9000 upvotes and a Change.org petition was created as well. The petition is at almost 7000 signatures. While we are still waiting for a response from Bethesda, phantom-scribbler return to Reddit to share that a modder was found in order to create a Grandma Shirley follower mod. The user asked for help in order to choose the best Curry lines. It remains to see whether Grandma Shirley will make an appearance in the Skyrim universe.

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