New Rumors About the Most Awaited GTA 6 Game

So many theories and hypothesis were made up by fans when it comes to the new release data of Grand Theft Auto 6. The game is not expected to come out anytime sooner than 2022. It is fair to say that the Rockstar Games Company just released Red Dead Redemption 2 which is expected to hit a huge success. So the company has to work for the online game version.

Remember the rumors that the GTA 6 is already in the developing process and the project name is ‘Project Americas?’ Well it seems like that codename was to name the new travel possibility. Players will be able to travel from the U.S. to areas in South America. But this all stays under a rumor since it has not been officially confirmed.

The Co-writer Dan Houser, publicly confirmed that there are “GTA 6” ideas ‘thrown around’ for new features to appear in the new game version.

He also suggested that there could be a female protagonist added but developers are still figuring out the best features to include in the game for a better experience.

There are many discussions about the setting of the game. Where will the action take place? Where will the mission be completed? The rumors say that “GTA 6” will return to Vice City. But we heard that London is a possibility for the sixth generation of GTA.

Fans are expecting a change of the map as well. The map of Grand Theft Auto 6 is expected to be massive, giving the information of the ‘Project America’. So if it will include the United State, a change in the map is necessary. However, Houser said that even if the Rockstar Company can do this, the map for a game’s location is the trickiest part.  The aspects and features of developing the groundwork takes a lot of time and work.

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