Tencent Gaming Buddy Yet: Everything You Need to Know

Most of you have probably tried before to play an online multiplayer battle royale game up until now. Many of these games can only be played on gaming consoles, such as PlayStation or Xbox. How about we tell you that you can also play it on your mobile device?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (or PUBG for short) is quite a good example for the online multiplayer battle royale games. It was developed by PUBG Corporation for Windows, for Xbox One – Microsoft Studios and for mobile – Tencent Games.

The release of the game for smartphones led to positive reviews, because of the fact that it’s so popular. We know that when it came to shooting games on mobile phones, touchscreen devices weren’t really the first choice.

Android emulator has fixed these issues for mobile phones, as you could use a superior keyboard and a mouse control. It was found out that it’s difficult to play on a touchscreen, rather than with precise control methods.

Tencent’s Emulator

Lucky for us, Tencent has released an emulator that’s called Tencent Gaming Buddy. By using this, you can easily get to a PUBG Mobile match when you use your PC. They also found a solution for splitting the user base. They fix a match that puts you against other users when playing with the emulator.

So, if you like playing the game on the PC, you can download and install Tencent Gaming Buddy, where you can play it with a mouse, a keyboard and even a controller or a gamepad.

How to use it

Download the emulator and play the game on your PC. The PUBG mobile will get downloaded together with the emulator. You also need to install for the default set of controls. But it’s not compulsory; you can play with whatever you want.

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  1. Unironically the best way to play pubg. the lootboxes make sense in a f2p mobile game instead of a full priced game, there’s actual progression, it runs better, you don’t get instakilled anymore because of the mobile controls everybody has to use and it doesn’t cost a red cent! As long as you don’t play solos you’re bound to have a good time.

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