New Fallout 76 Players Helped by Experienced Ones Pretending To Be NPCs

The moment we discovered that Fallout 76 was going to be a multiplayer; we weren’t sure how to react. It appeared that putting all the players together would be a bit uncontrollable, and many believed that the game experience will be ruined. We are glad to say that they were wrong.

Why unpleasant events happen, it appears that many players decided to be nice and help the ones that did not have as much experience. Experienced players have now a new hobby: helping new players. Acting as a guide for the newbies proved to be very fulfilling. YouTuber Many A True Nerd explained how he set up a camp just for new players.

Guiding the newbies

Reddit users also discussed this initiative, and many of them explained that they would want to try it as well. User IntricateSunlight explained why they would want to help newbies:

I wouldn’t mind being an NPC and maybe giving players location hints like “You can find a lot of wood in this location\area” or “Here’s where you might find some power armor”.

As a Fallout veteran with thousands of hours, I got the opportunity to play with a random new player and it was honestly quite refreshing. The guy was bright eyed and bushy tailed about everything. He loved how the armor came off the robots as you damaged them. It sort of brings me back to when I first played Fallout 3 and was discovering things for the first time.

Other player, Dethrone_tyranny, explained how he helps new people:

I setup an armor shop, offering free lvl 1 – 5 leather armor.

Also offering people to use my crafting stations and use my camp as a safe refuge.

Made it right on the route from 76 to oveseers camp, made for alot pf fun interactions.

I basically positioned myself along side busy roads for new players, some started friendly convos others asked for tips.

I wore something quirky so i would stand out, and people quickly started stopping by.

All in all i’d say go for it. It’s alot of fun.

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