Here Are The Most Important Red Dead Redemption 2 Tips That You Should Know

Red Dead Redemption was a hit and it convinced numerous players to spend hours in front of a screen. If you are a beginner, things might be a bit tricky in the beginning. We have prepared a couple of tips that should help you.

Take care of your cores

You will have to take care of your character if you want to be able to survive in the game. This means that it is very important to make Arthur eat, drink and smoke in order to make sure that the cores are topped up. Rest is also important. If you can’t go back to your camp, make a temporary one.

Don’t forget about your horses either. They need to be fed and they should be brushed properly. Rest is important as well.

Make your horse listen to you

There are some simple commands which will be obeyed by your horse. When you are close to it hold down the left trigger. You should see a list of options such as stay, flee, or follow.

Practice poker at the camp

If you are not that good at Poker it is recommended that you practice it at Duch’s camp. There you can play multiple times, and you won’t be able to lose more than a dollar. This is a great way to learn the rules of poker without wasting money. In the help section of the pause menu, you will also find the rules of poker explained.

Cinematic mode

Are you riding your horse to another destination but you don’t feel like getting involved too much? Switch to the cinematic mode and you will be able to watch your character¬†travel. Nonetheless, make sure that you remain close to the game. Rivals can attack you even during cinematic mode, and you will have to defend yourself.

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