PUBG versus Fortnite: Which Battle Royale Is The Best?

When it comes to battle royale games, Fornite and PUBG are definitely the hottest ones at the moment. Each one has a loyal fanbase, but which one is better? We decided to put them side by side so we can see the differences between this two.

Which one was first?

We have to admit that PUBG was the inspiration between Fortnite. Therefore, they were pretty similar in the beginning. However, Fortnite slowly found its own style and it became something different.

PUBG is a lot more realistic, while in Fornite shooting is not the only thing you have to do in order to survive. Both games start with 100 players which land on an island.


Despite the fact that Fornite tries to maintain a goofy style, its weapons are inspired by real ones. You can find grenade launchers, rocket launchers, assault rifles, hunting rifles and more.  However, there are no weapon attachments, and players don’t really have to worry about the technical details of their weapons.

Meanwhile, PUBG uses weapons which are direct copies after real-life ones. There is a wide array of weapons, as well as grenades and some melee weapons. The efficiency of a weapon can be adjusted by choosing the right attachments. During the game, it is recommended that you replace your attachments when you find better ones.


PUBG has numerous vehicles that you can choose from, including boats. Each map has its special cars and they can be very helpful since PUBG has a large map and traveling is required. They can also run out of gas and you need to refill them.

Meanwhile, Fornite only has Terrain Karts as vehicles. Players can also use shopping carts, which need to be pushed by one player.


PUBG brings a lot of variety with multiple realistic maps. Each map has its own challenges. You can choose between a desert, a jungle or a Russian inspired landscape.

Meanwhile, Fornite has just one map, which is a lot smaller compared to the one of PUBG. However, its map does combine different biomes.

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