Personal Information Of Fallout 76 Customers Leaked By Bethesda

Bethesda had to deal with a lot of Fallout 76 scandals lately, and it appears that things are far from over. The latest issue includes leaking the personal information of numerous users.

It all began when customers who filed support tickets began receiving other people’s support tickets. Worse than that, those tickets included personal information such as usernames, names, addresses, and other details. One Reddit user even reported seeing the last four digits of another customer’s credit card number.

This is the latest error in a long series of mistakes when it comes to Fallout 76. The game has an unfortunate launch, and the game itself managed to disappoint many players.

The response

Bethesda admitted it’s at fault, and an official statement has been released:

We experienced an error with our customer support website that allowed some customers to view support tickets submitted by a limited number of other customers during a brief exposure window. Upon discovery, we immediately took down the website to fix the error.

We are still investigating the incident and will provide additional updates as we learn more. During the incident it appears that the user name, name, contact information, and proof of purchase information provided by a limited number of customers on their support ticket requests, may have been viewable by other customers accessing the customer support website for a limited time, but no full credit card numbers or passwords were disclosed. We plan to notify customers who may have been impacted.

It appears that most of the complaints were about Fallout 76. However, customers who wrote in with other issues were also affected by this issue. We don’t know yet how this happened, but it is a good thing that Bethesda acknowledged its mistake. Hopefully they acted quick enough so that no one was affected by this breach.

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