New Updates Available For Red Dead 2 Online

Red Dead Redemption 2 can already be considered a hit, and things won’t be different for Red Dead 2 Online. At the moment Rockstar’s development team makes sure that Red Dead Online works properly, as it is still in beta.

A major patch has been released in order to solve the economy issues which existed in the game. Before the patch, players found it difficult to gain money, and the prices for the items in that world were way too high.

Those who already purchased something at a high price don’t have to worry. The game will offer refunds for all of them so you can get the money difference back. However, you have to hurry, as this won’t last for too long.

Please look for an alert message the next time you log in to the Red Dead Online Beta to notify you of this change, refunds may take up until December 10th to reach all players.

Improving the game

The current beta players are encouraged to offer as much feedback as possible. Rockstar made sure to thank the community for sending useful feedback.

We want to thank the Red Dead community for playing and sending us tons of valuable feedback during the first full week of the Red Dead Online Beta’s availability. This feedback is crucial to help shape the game as we move forward.

Today we are starting to implement the first set of adjustments to the game including changes specifically geared towards creating a more balanced, fun and rewarding overall experience, across all modes and missions.

Another update is on its way, and it should arrive next week. Xbox One and PS4 players will receive even more changes and impovements. We are curious to see what’s next for Red Dead Online 2. Keep an eye on the game for upcoming changes.

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