Sony: Is PS4 Pro the Best Example of Evolution?

The Vice President for IE, UK, and Australasia from Sony Interactive Entertainment, Warwick Light did an interview with a magazine and told us more about PS4.

Players want single-player games

Light first made a little recap for the year 2018, which was a very good year when it came to the performance of the platform – and all thanks to single-player games, which is what PlayStation players actually want from their executives.

2018: the year of Fortnite?

2018 was said to be the year of game Fortnite, but it was also a year in which we’ve seen Spider-Man, God of War VR titles (let’s not forget about Astro Bot) and Detroit – isn’t is amazing that we got to act like a publisher at some point?

Is the console a “necessary evolution”?

The light made some very intriguing comments about PS4 Pro since he called the console a “necessary evolution.”  And we have the best example: the upgrade of PlayStation 4 to PS4 Pro. This allowed its users to get a better experience in the latest technology of our world.

Since its launch, about 1 in 4 PlayStation 4s was actually a PS4 Pro – and it’s understandable since about 40% of these have already been there from players upgrading. We think this is a very positive impact on the industry.

What are the plans for the next console?

It is true, he did not reveal what are his plans for the next-gen, but we think we’ll only see positive things from the high-ranking Sony executive (remember the upgrade we talked about?). What stops this from happening again, with the next PlayStation console? It really depends on the competitors from the console market, Microsoft and Nintendo.

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