PUBG: Here Is How You Can Get The Airdrop Loot

Loot is very important when you play PUBG, and a good weapon combined with the right gear could help you be the last one standing in a match. While you can loot the buildings in the game, it is a lot faster to get the best loot from airdrop crates.

However, this is very risky as well. Once the parachute with the crate lands, a red smoke alerts all nearby players. This means that if you try to loot the crate there is a big chance of being shot by an enemy.

Today we are going to tell you how what are the best ways to loot the airdrop, without putting yourself in danger. These tips should help you get the loot and make it out of there alive.

Be the first one to get to the airdrop

This is very important. If you can’t reach the crate right away, don’t go to loot it. In the first circle, the airplane will appear at around 2:45. You can follow it to find where the crate will drop. The airdrop lands slowly so you will have plenty of time to see where it will land.

Make sure that you are close to it, in an area where you can see enemies coming. You must also have plenty of space in the inventory. You have to be fast, and you won’t have time to clear your backpack when you are near the crate.

Be in a car

It is a lot safer to loot the airdrop with a vehicle. You will manage to reach it quickly and you will have extra protection as well. Use the car as a shield, and stay between it and the crate while you loot. Move fast and then escape as soon as possible.

Clear the enemies first

If it is too risky to get to the crate, but it is in your field of view and you need the loot, lay low and wait for other players to arrive. If you have a scope, you can easily shoot them once they attempt to loot the crate. Try to do this before they put on any of the equipment in the crate, as you will damage the gear as well. Even if no enemies arrive, stay hidden until the red smoke stops coming out. At that point, it’s pretty safe to loot the crate.

Catch it

This is not something you can do easily, but it is worth it. If you know where the crate will land you can try to place your car underneath it. This way the crate will land on your vehicle and you can drive away with it, and then loot it somewhere safe.


Airdrops come with a variety of loot. When it comes to weapons, the crate comes with weapons that you can’t find anywhere else in a game, unless you loot them from the airdrop. You could also loot them from killed players who have them. The weapons found in the crate are AWM, Mk14 EBR, M249, Groza and AUG A3.

Airdrops can also have random attachments such as scopes or suppressors. They are both very useful in a fight. From time to time you might also find some consumables such as the medical kit or the adrenaline syringe.

Finally, the airdrops have high-level equipment. All airdrops come with a Spetsnaz Helmet, a Military Vest and Backpack. All three are level 3 items. While you can also get them in game, they are not easy to find. Crates also come with a piece of clothing, the Ghillie Suit which allows you to camouflage perfectly on the ground.

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