Clash Of Clans: Here Are The Best Alternatives For The Popular Game

If you play the same game for too long you might end up getting bored of it. The same thing can happen with Clash of Clans so we prepared a list of alternatives that you can use when you want to switch things up.

Age of Empires: Castel Siege

This game can represent a great option for Clash of Clans. One of the biggest advantages of this game is that you are able to control your troops while they are on the battlefield. This will help you be more involved in the game and you won’t have to worry about your units wondering off to the wrong places. The app is available for free, and it comes with in-app purchases.

Star Wars: Commander

Star Wars lovers will love this one. The game combines the CoC gameplay with the beloved movies. You can also decide whether you are going to side with the Rebels or the Empire. Each side comes with its own advantages. For example, with the Empire, you can use war machines, while with the Rebel Alliance you’ll get Han Solo and Chewie. The app can also be downloaded for free and it has in-app purchases.

Guardian Kingdoms

This game truly has a unique approach, because your allies can come out and support you even during a fight. If you have reliable friends you will end up winning most battles. However, you should also remember that your opponent can call for backup as well. The game is available only for iOS.

Dawn of titans

The graphics are hands down one of the biggest advantages of this game. It doesn’t compare with any of the games on the list. You can also zoom in on your kingdom and check out all the details. The game also allows you to control your troops perfectly.

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