War Thunder Update 1.85: New Maps And More

A huge update for War Thunder became available today on PlayStation 4. Make sure that you check out update 1.85 because it brings a lot of new content.

There are almost fifty new vehicles available, out of which almost thirty are Italian ones. If you prefer to travel by water, you will be glad to hear that there are four new cruisers as well.

Patch Notes

The details of update 1.85 have been revealed.

  • Helicopter areas in Simulator Battles game mode have been moved within the cover of the Airfield anti-aircraft batteries.
  • Windmills now are animated.
  • The appearance of animated objects in locations have been improved.
  • The altitudes in the locations “Imperial Gardens” and “Guiana Highlands” have been corrected.
  • Models of bridges have been improved.
  • Ground textures have been improved in all locations.

There are also flight model changes for all planes. For example, roll balancing and force calculations have received improvements when different wing sections are damaged.

For D.520, the update recalculated polars of the wings, as well as fuselage and fins. There are also some changes to powerplant performance. There are updates for the I-153 as well:

I-153 (all modifications), I-16 type 18, 27 – Powerplant inertia moment calculation has been updated. Rudder deflection at different speed simulation is more accurate. Engine start and stop parameters have been updated. Thermodynamics updated (overheating is more accurate: it’s lower closer to the ground and higher at design altitude). Landing gear focus and nosing chance have been corrected.

All Enduring Confrontation missions have convoys. The template of the ground convoy has been updated, and as a result of that, front line mechanics conflicts can now be avoided.

The vehicle card now has additional nation flags. The action panel of ships comes with an indication of torpedo sight and you can allow the advance marker for torpedoes.

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